Vienna’s environmental facilities meet the highest technical and environmental standards and serve as international showcase projects. As a model city when it comes to the environment, Vienna feels that it is its duty not only to make full use of the technical opportunities available for all facilities, but also to fulfil the currently valid environmental standards even when they go beyond the legal requirements.
The group of companies in which the VTTC was settled, is working since many years for the EBS, the main sewage treatment plant in Vienna. Numerous projects have been implemented with this customer thus the group contributes a small share to make Vienna one of the cleanest cities.



The City of Vienna has in the field of energy production and use an international pioneering role. In Wien Energie’s thermal power stations, the City of Vienna relies on a system of combined heat and power in which both electricity and heat are generated – at an efficiency level of 86 per cent. Vienna also has one of Europe’s largest district heat networks, which supplies roughly 300,000 housholds and some 6,000 large objects with heating. One third of the required heat is generated in the four eco-friendly waste incinerators of Vienna. During the warmer months district cooling is supplied, an environmentally friendly way of air conditioning for buildings.
VTTC acts here not only as a constructor of power plants , but also invests in biogas plants in Croatia.These can produce a power output of up to 1,000 kilowatts of electrical energy and 1,000 kilowatts of thermal energy.



The City of Vienna hosts regularly major international sport events. The City has enormous expertise in the construction and operation of sports facilities and event halls as well as in the field of organization, management and implementation of major sport events such as the European Football Championship of 2008. Venues for such events are for example the Wiener Stadthalle, the largest indoor venue in Austria, or the Ernst Happel Stadium, the largest sports stadium in Austria. The group in which the VTTC was settled, has worked for the sports facilities of the City of Vienna for 25 years and can point to references in 15 stadiums and football pitches in Vienna. Among other things, the complete electrical revitalization of the Vienna Ernst Happel Stadium for the European Football Championship was one of the group projects. At the Vienna Stadium Bath an air dome was built by the VTTC which ensured the operation for swimming in winter during the reconstruction of the main bath.



Wiener Stadthalle – one of the largest and best event locations in Europe – is extremely multifunctional. It is a concert hall, show stage, event and motorsport arena, trade fair and congress location, television studio and venue for major sporting events. Six different halls are available, from the main arena (Hall D) with room for roughly 16,000 visitors to the modern show stage (Hall F) with space for some 2,000 spectators. Up to 1.2 million people visit the shows at Wiener Stadthalle every year.
The group of companies in which the VTTC was settled, has been working for event venues of the City of Vienna for 25 years and can point to numerous references, like as projects in the Wiener Stadthalle or the Austria Center Vienna where several million visitors annually can convince themselves of the realised projects of the group.
The theme of entertainment begins for VTTC with the youngest in Vienna and thus the project Wiener Kindergarten Stadtpark was realised and successfully completed by the group.



A powerful, safe public transport system is necessary for any big city in order to cope with the daily million traffic movements without major traffic jams. The City of Vienna relies on solutions for metro, tram and bus services which lead the world. The VTTC group is active especially in signalling and communication systems for the underground lines of Vienna. The VTTC Group has moreover also many years of experience in the fieldS of passenger information systems, professional mobile radio and lighting of traffic surfaces and vehicle interiors.